Pushy Horizontal Menu Effect – React Native Free Animation

Pushy Horizontal Mobile Menu Effect – React Native Free Animation. It helps you create the pushy horizontal menu quickly and professionally. It’s easy to customize and develop. Yeah, It’s Free!
The idea for making horizontal menu with React Native. This is just a simple project to show you the idea how to implement a menu by yourself.

Try it yourself

Pushy Horizontal Menu Effect

Technical Specs

  • react 16.0.0-alpha.12
  • react-native 0.46.1
  • react-native-interactable 0.0.9
  • react-native-vector-icons ^4.2.0
  • react-navigation ^1.0.0-beta.11

Last Updated:    2017-Sep-10

Created:             2017-Mar-30

Category:           UI Themes